Our responsibility and commitment towards clients are in a fiduciary capacity and we therefore assist with the protection of your wealth for future generations. Servo is the Latin translation to “watch over” and this is our main objective – to watch over, conserve and preserve your wealth for generations to come. The process starts with planning in the form of a Will, financial planning and creating the correct vehicles in which to see the plan out to the end. Death and taxes are certainties and with careful planning we can provide for and minimise the impact of these respectively.

Relatives that have to deal with the death of family are extra emotional and seldom have the ability or the energy it takes to attend to financial matters during this difficult time. They need extra care and a sympathetic interest.

The administration of an estate can be a highly technical process for the uninformed, cumbersome and time consuming.

As Executor, Servo Fiduciary Services strive to finalise clients' estates as effective as possible without sacrificing our personal service. We also assist with continuous advice during the administration process.

We have excellent relations with all roll players such as the Master the High Court, SARS and the relevant financial institutions. Our directors are also members of FISA (Fiduciary Institute of South Africa).

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