Become the trusted advisor with a value proposition that attracts a steady stream of the right clients!

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You are really good at what you do and love making a difference in the lives of others…


But you feel frustrated when you’re not getting in front of the right potential clients and when you do, the cost of doing business doesn’t always make it worth the sale

You constantly feel like you’re not getting the opportunity to play to your strengths because you don’t get the opportunity to market yourself as effectively to the right type of clients who value your services

You know there’s an opportunity to get online and do business more effectively, efficiently and profitably but you don’t know what the best way is to do that and you feel stuck

All of this is holding you back from making the impact you know you can make in helping people achieve their financial goals. It’s also holding you back from leaving a meaningful legacy of wealth and prosperity that you know you can achieve!


After spending more than two decades in the financial industry helping countless financial planners and their clients to optimally structure their business and personal affairs, I know what it’s like wanting to grow your business in a meaningful way but feeling unclear about how to sustainably grow your business with the right clients while running a business with all it’s other challenges

That’s why I’ve designed a 3 step process to help you go from spending valuable time and money chasing low quality leads with an uncertain outcome, to being the trusted advisor that effortlessly attracts ideal clients that gets you properly paid for your effort and time

If you’re running a financial planning practice and want to create consistent impact + income, you have to go from transaction-driven to selling your expertise as the trusted financial advisor  – it’s time to create an unique value proposition that will attract the right clients who are willing to pay a premium for your services.

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If you’re feeling...

  • Ready to grow your financial practice with the right clients who are excited about the value you provide without you trading hours chasing the business (think consulting, quoting and preparing advice in the hope of making the sale)

  • Frustrated with trying to find quality leads and seeing clients but getting caught up in compliance, admin and running of your business
  • Inspired with a ton of ideas about how to take your business forward, but no time to implement it all (or simply don’t know where to start)

It’s Time To Change Tactics

IMAGINE having a value proposition that you can confidently charge good fees for

IMAGINE getting quality leads – ideal clients that can’t wait to get on board with you and that you absolutely love working with


If you’re ready to create a business that enables you to focus on what you do best (selling to and working with your clients) and gets you properly remunerated for your time –  join me for a three week intensive to make it happen!

I've currently got 4 spots at a special discounted price of only R8 500

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You'll walk away with...

  • A clear framework of the right client for your practice: we’ll refine which clients are willing and able to pay you the most and can get the best results from working with you, right now

  • A fee based value proposition: being able to communicate the value of your services in an outcomes based way that easily justifies your fees

  • A customised marketing strategy: an easy and simplified system to marketing your services online (no high tech skills required)

We’ll have three dynamic meetings of approximately 60 – 90 minutes each over the course of three weeks. Meetings can be recorded if we do them online. You’ll get short worksheets to complete before each meeting to use our time together most effectively.

You also get two weeks of email / messenger support after the intensive for any support or implementation questions, as well as a 30-min check in session to ensure you have everything you need to market yourself effectively.

Are you ready to attract a steady stream of ideal clients while getting paid for your knowledge + time?

As business owners, we all desire more time, more freedom and a chance to make an impact through the passion-filled work we do. So why not start connecting to those clients for whom you can make a big difference while creating more financial freedom for yourself?

Only 4 spots available at R8 500 for the Business Accelerator Intensive

Your host...

Tanya Lochner is a Business Strategist using her more than two decades working in the financial planning industry with countless entrepreneurs and advisors using her background in strategy, planning and consulting to build and protect their wealth while creating a passion-filled and impactful business that they love.

She holds a BCom in Industrial & Organisational Psychology, an Advanced CFP® and serves as the vice-chairperson on the Western Cape regional committee of the Fiduciary Institute of Southern Africa.

Tanya has helped entrepreneurs all around the world to activate their high earning income months by unlocking extraordinary growth and success in their business.

She’s mom to three human and five fur kids in beautiful Cape Town, South Africa where she loves playing with horses, dancing and drinking tea.

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