Become the trusted advisor with a fee based value proposition you can sell with confidence!

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You’re already doing what you love but want to focus more on what you do best…

I know how frustrating it can feel when you’re not getting in front of the right potential clients and when you do, the volumes of compliance and overwhelming admin load can delay or sometimes even cost you the sale…..

There may even be a part of you that feels like you don’t have what it takes – that you’re not qualified enough, experienced enough or simply not marketing yourself as effectively as you can

Maybe you don’t have the right team to support you in your business, or a website that doesn’t really reflect the brand you want to portray

All of this is holding you back from making the impact you know you can make in helping people achieve their financial goals. It’s also holding you back from leaving a meaningful legacy of wealth and prosperity that you know you can achieve!


After spending 18 years in the financial industry helping hundreds of financial planners optimally structure their business and clients’ affairs, I know what it’s like wanting to help your clients achieve their goals but feeling frustrated with all the challenges of finding the right client, selling your services with confidence, for a proper fee, and then having to go through a mountain of compliance and admin to get the sale

That’s why I’ve designed a 4 step process to help you go from spending valuable time and money chasing low quality leads with an uncertain outcome, to being the trusted advisor that effortlessly attracts ideal clients that gets you paid for your effort and time.

If you’re running a financial planning practice and want to create consistent impact + income, you have to go from transaction-driven to selling your expertise as the trusted financial advisor  – it’s time to create an unique fee based value proposition that will attract ideal clients who are willing to pay a premium for your services.

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If you’re feeling...

  • Overwhelmed and burned out trading hours for services you don’t get paid for (think consulting, quoting and preparing advice in the hope of making the sale)

  • Frustrated with trying to find quality leads and seeing clients but getting caught up in compliance and admin
  • Inspired with a ton of ideas on how to take your business forward, but no time to implement it all (or simply don’t know where to start)

It’s time to change tactics…​

IMAGINE having a financial offer that you could sell to your ideal client with confidence by charging a proper fee for it

IMAGINE getting quality leads – ideal clients that value your knowledge and time while implementing your advice


If you’re ready to create a business that enables you to focus on what you do best, delights your clients and gets you paid for your time –  join me for a 5-hour VIP Day at a luxury hotel in Cape Town (or main city centre near you) to make it happen!

I'm opening up 4 spots at a special launch price of only R8 500

Click the link below to apply for the Business Accelerator VIP Day

You'll walk away with...

  • A brand new value proposition (a signature fee-based offer)

  • A pricing model that compensates you for your knowledge and time: no more spending hours on planning, quoting and consulting with the hope of making the sale

  • A marketing strategy that will help you attract the right clients

  • One week of email / messenger support for any questions and support afterwards

Are you ready to get paid for your knowledge + time?

As business owners, we all desire more time, more freedom and a chance to make an impact through the passion-filled work we do. So why not start charging your worth, while helping your clients reach their financial goals today?

Only 4 spots available at the launch price of R8 500 for your full VIP Day at a luxury hotel!

Your host...

Tanya Lochner is a Business & Fiduciary Strategist using her eighteen-year experience in the financial planning industry where she specialised in strategy, planning and consulting to help financial planners, niche advisors and other service-based business owners build and protect their wealth while creating a passion-filled and impactful business and life that they love.

She holds a BCom in Industrial & Organisational Psychology, an Advanced CFP® and serves as the vice-chairperson on the Western Cape regional committee of the Fiduciary Institute of Southern Africa.

Tanya has helped dozens of entrepreneurs all around the world to bring their dream business to life while building three of her own on- and offline businesses.

She’s mom to three human and four fur kids in beautiful Cape Town, South Africa where she loves exploring the great outdoors, dancing and drinking tea.

Happy Clients

I walked away with a clear ideal client, a "tag line", a service offering and pricing I can sell with confidence.

I have a passion to provide coaching and planning services to clients without the need to sell a policy but was struggling with how to create my ideal client and build a service offering for them. I’ve tried many workshops, books and podcasts and was uncertain about the value I would derive from yet another program.

Tanya is a passionate individual who helps you build your perfect business and I really liked the relaxed open forum to discuss my unique situation, get my questions answered and provide me with options and solutions. She really worked with me, not just handing out templates. She was patient and understanding, able to answer my questions, provide insights, practical examples and solutions

I am looking forward to implementing and then leaning more on her for support, guidance and assistance.

I would absolutely recommend this VIP Day but only to those who want to build a future proof business by adding value to their clients

Terence Tobin - Family Focused Financial Planner
What great value and expert advice!  
Tanya has great insight in the heart, mind and business of a financial advisor- and planner and she leads in a self-discovering way.  The traditional remuneration model within the insurance industry, left me dissatisfied and frustrated.  The void between the level of services offered and the remuneration received, increased by the day.  Not knowing exactly how to go about it, I’ve begun the implementation of fees in our FSP, but had no clear-cut  idea of how it should be done to accomplish the desired outcome.  
The direction, advice and clarity I received from Tanya’s VIP Day, was worth gold to me!  And although we’re still in process, I’m left with tremendous hope for my future and the future of my business after Tanya lead me to identify my core business and niche market, whilst also providing insight on how to communicate with them. Tanya has extensive knowledge of business as a whole, but has the ability to lead you on a path of discovery to build your dream business where your fees will be a reflection of the passion and effort you apply daily.  
Tanya’s coaching is client-centred in such a way that it is both beneficial to you and your client simultaneously.  I appreciated her application of business principles and practical examples that were not exclusive to the insurance industry, but exceptionally applicable. Tanya is a valuable asset to anyone’s business, whichever industry!  She will always have my thanks and support… 
Liezl Rabie

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